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Buttenheim is a market town in the Upper Franconian district of Bamberg and lies in the Regnitz Valley between Bamberg and Nuremberg.Buttenheim is Levi Strauss’s birthplace; the future inventor of blue jeans emigrated from here to the United States in 1847.Constituent communitiesThe market community of Buttenheim has the following constituent communities: Buttenheim, the namesake community Dreuschendorf Frankendorf Gunzendorf Hochstall Kälberberg Ketschendorf bei Buttenheim Senftenberg Stackendorf TiefenhöchstadtHistoryButtenheim – “Botho’s Home” – had its first documentary mention in 1017. It lies on the north-south Regnitz Valley transport axis and was probably founded about 550. During a river journey from Forchheim to Würzburg in 793, Charlemagne ordered churches to be built in the Regnitz area to convert the Slavs. It is assumed that one of Charlemagne’s 14 “Slavic Churches”, which were built about 800 in the Radenzgau (a county roughly corresponding to today’s Upper Franconia), stood in Buttenheim.

Adresse: 96155 Buttenheim
Stadt: Buttenheim
Postleitzahl: 96155

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